The Youth Ministry of Bethany Community Church

About The Ministries...

Whether you have are in a traditional or blended family, a single parent home or perhaps you are raising grandchildren or nieces and nephews, Bethany's Family Ministry is here to help you and the next generation through the stages of adolescents. Check out our Youth & Family Apps page.

The Youth Ministry

Sunday School (@9am)

The youth has been going deeper into God’s word. It’s
called the D-Tribe. Its short for Discipleship Tribe. In the D-Tribe we ask and
seek answers for questions like Does God really exist? If God exist, why is
that important? The D-Tribe is a course designed to introduce teens to the idea
of God existence, who He is, what He wants from you, and why this important for
you. It is a group study designed to help those who are searching for truth
about God.

Wednesday night’s(@6-8pm)

Some of our youth, just like some of our adults, struggle with past sins,
doubts, fears, trust, commitments to sports and homework. Please join together
in praying that these struggles will not keep them from seeking God outside of
Wednesday nights. Many of the youth have contacted the youth ministry
leadership team with questions, prayer requests, and with stories of struggles
and triumph.  

In Christ,

Danny Snider
Youth and Families Ministries Director

Contact our Youth and Family Ministries Director Danny Snider with any questions about our Family Ministries or upcoming study sessions.

Email: bethany.engage@gmail.com or  Call: 509.882.3576